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FSB Events Career Training Program

A Certificate Training Program For The Wedding & Event Planning Industry.

 FSB Events, CTP  is the educational source for equipping students to higher education in the event planning industry.

About FSB Events Career Training  Program

FSB Events Career Career Training Program offers higher education to students that have the passion to pursue a career in wedding & event planning and the desire to obtain proper training to begin a new career or continuing education. Our professional course equips students to learn everything they need to know to becoming a successful event planner.


 FSB Events Career Training Program will train you to be confident and knowledgeable in planning Weddings, Corporate Events, and any type of social parties.  Becoming a certified event planner will allow you to be creative and help clients plan special moments in their lives. 


 Start fulfilling your dreams and goals !


Once you complete our program you will receive the Certificate of Achievement Award in Event Planning Management, and would be able to start working as an event planning professional. Students from all around the world has taken advantage of our training program and so can you.  




  Learn how to plan fabulous events for your clients..

FSB Events Career Training Program is a Division of FSB Events, Planning & Floral Design I Email: 


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