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FSB Events Career Training Program

A Certificate Training Program For The Wedding & Event Planning Industry.

Student Testimonies

I am very grateful I took this course. I love planning events before I took this course but now I realized that I am going to love planning weddings just as much as any other event. After completing this course, I realized I want to not only plan events/weddings but I also want to have my own company that specializes in just that. I would suggest this course to anyone interested in becoming an event/wedding planner. 


Ms. Khaila  

"Self-Paced Home Study Course" 

 My overall experience was phenomenal! I wouldn't change a thing. The instructor was very knowledgeable and informative. She answered each question in a very detailed manner. The material was very helpful and clear. I was able to visualize exactly how the material was explained therefore, giving me the insight I need to succeed in becoming a wedding/event planner. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that is interested in learning wedding/event planning. It gives you very personable firsthand experience of how it should be conducted in an professional manner. I personally don't see or have any suggestions of how to improve this course. My experience again was phenomenal. I truly believe I got my monies worth out of this course. I gained a lot of knowledge and personal attention that I wasn't expecting to receive. To anyone looking to pursue or change their career path to wedding/event planner....this is the place to gain that knowledge and experience.


  Mrs. S. Reese 

"Self-Paced Home Study Course" 

When I started searching for a program for my certification FSB was my choice immediately! First, I was wowed by the beautiful events on the website and it was imperative that I learn from these instructors. After carefully doing my research, FSB was definitely the professional institution I wanted to attend and obtain my certification. The instructor was very informative and I learn many new things to help me succeed in my business. I’ve been using the reading material ( guidance booklets ) provided and it has made planning events less stressful. After taking this class and receiving my certification it encouraged me to move forward with my business. Thanks FSB Events for the great teaching,  learning tools and tips you provided. I feel so confident as a Certified Wedding and Event Planner! 

Mrs. Ward

"Atlanta Class " 

I would like to share my very exciting experience as a participant in the FSB Events and Wedding Coordinating training program. Shondola Evans is phenomenal! She is filled with a wealth of knowledge about the event planning industry.

The training is not long at all, only two days; however it is extensive. She provides an understanding of how to plan an impeccable event from beginning to end, how to connect with your vendors and how to make your client feel that their event will be thoroughly completed in a professional manner. She shares her connections with very dependable vendors. Those selected by her as guest vendors are professional and insightful. They share what an event planner can expect when working side by side.

I have known Shondola Evans for many years and to watch her willingly share the information she has gathered during her tenure in the event planning industry is a joy. She is approachable and cares about all of the vendors, students; however especially her clients. She appreciates those who enroll in her course.


 Tyisha Scott

"Atlanta Class

Thank you for the quality of teaching and instruction you have offered us, your time and enthusiasm that you have demonstrate during the training was appreciated.This training was highly important and it will boost my confident for the rest of my career.


Stay Blessed,  


 Colette M

"Atlanta Class

The instructor was very prepared for the program. All the guides given in class  are very helpful for my career. This program is great for anyone  who is starting in this business should take this course. I feel very comfortable and very happy with the teacher and the environment. 


Thanks for you professionalism Shondola

Mrs. S

"Atlanta Class


I would absolutely recommend this program, because I acquired lot of skills and knowledge from this course. This course gave me more understanding and acquisition of skills that will enable me to be a successful and efficient event planner. This course was relevant and I feel am ready to put my new skills to work. I am not used to online courses but this course teaching was great and easy to follow instructor.


This course was an eye opener for me, especially being new to wedding and event coordinating and I know I made the right initiative to get over my procrastination.

I have always been excited to celebrate with people. This was an awesome enlightening experience and a great career path choice. 

Mrs. Cynthia T

" Online Class

My experience with this course was absolutely amazing! I was a little afraid going in because I've been in the planning business for about 14yrs and my first thought was the things I could have been doing wrong.  After reminding myself to think positive I then became more relaxed.  Once my instructor (Shondola) began to teach, I realized I was actually doing an awesome job and confirmed that for me.  Her personality was EVERYTHING!!! I'm so glad that I made the decision to not only get certified but I'm glad I chose FSB Events to certify me. AWESOME COMPANY!!! 

Mrs. Danielle 

" Online Class




I thoroughly enjoyed the course! It gave me the proper questions to ask and basics in order for me to begin my Event Planning business. I'm certainly thankful to Shon in sharing her experience and expertise. Definitely glad I decided to take this course!!


 Shon was able to give real examples and I was pleased with her responses to any questions I had. The material was very detailed and extremely helpful. Would have liked to see more on different events as well. I certainly would recommend this course to someone else starting out in the industry like myself. It was very informative and cost efficient. ? I absolutely feel this course will prepare me for becoming a wedding and Event Planner 

Mrs. Toya G

" Online Class

I want to thank Shondola for this class, it has been a blessing to me. This class taught me so much, I am ready to start planning events, she has given me so much valuable information. I highly recommend this course if you want to plan weddings or events. The online course is easy, and very interactive. I really enjoyed every bit of this class. I also had the opportunity to work with her on some of her events and I gained so much knowledge with hands on experience. 


M. Price 

" Online Class

This class was very personable with great information and tips to succeed. I was so thankful to find this course online. I called Shondola she answered my call and welcomed me to join her class. She gave good information and open and honest feedback. I rate this class very high and enjoyed the entire instruction and flow of the class as well as the length.  highly recommend this course to all prospective wedding and event planning students. I dont think i would feel comfortable planning events without taking this certification course. 


Bridgette D

"Online Class"

Coming soon

Maya ( Florida Student)

"Self  Paced Home Study "


 Educational E-Books Downloads

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How to conduct Rehearsal & Ceremony

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Wedding Checklist

& Planning Guide

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Top 5 things a planner

needs to do when hired

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